Book Of Ra Article 2

My life’s been hell lately. Just in the last year I lost my job, my girlfriend of over 4 years left me and I was evicted from my apartment. I managed to find a temp position at a local grocery store but life sucks.

 While my offline life is a living hell I managed to find some solace online. I've been an online gamer ever since I was a kid and in my teenage years used to spend a good 6-7 hours a day completely immersed in online games. However, just recently I discovered the world of online casino games and have been hooked since. One of the games that I cannot stop playing is the Book of Ra.

 This game is developed by Novoline Games, a 400 million euro company. They are the forerunners in the online casino game development. While they have other games under their belt, the Book of Ra is by far their most popular game. Because of its popularity they have also released follow up games i.e. the Book of Ra 2 and the Book of Ra 3 which have more challenging and exciting levels. Those of you who are not familiar with the name Ra; Ra is the Ancient Egyptian sun God and the game has a themed around Ancient Egyptian mythology. The main goal of the player is to find the lost book of RA. This is pretty similar to one of those adventure quest games, where the player is out seeking hidden treasure.

 The design and layout is Egyptian themed and makes use of tradition symbols like 10, J, Q, K and A and also Egyptian characters and hieroglyphics eg. Pharaoh, Cleopatra etc. Egyptian themed music is played in the background which increases the look and feel of the game thus making the game very attractive. The game is very addicting and the first time I laid my hands on it I played it for 10 hours straight.


 The Book of Ra is a slot machine game that allows you to earn big bucks without much effort. Most casinos games both in real life and online require the player to be extremely smart but this game does not. In order to win in this game one requires large ounces of luck. The game is a five reel multi- playline game.

 The player has a choice of 9 lines in the classic version but if the player upgrades to a deluxe version he gets up to 10 lines. The number of lines is not fixed and can be changed by the player at any time. Also, when it comes down to winning placing maximum lines bet like 9 or 10 increases your chances of winning. For every $2 bets you place you can win upto $10. Overall the game is a winner as it triggers all the right hot-spots. It’s attractive, easy to play and colorful. Its fun for both; a newbie like me and also for seasoned gamblers. So far I've won over a $100 and I know that if I keep it up I will earn much more.

 As for my personal preference I prefer the original game i.e. The Book of Ra over its successors as I feel that the game is more fluid and has better aesthetics (but that’s just my personal opinion)