Book Of Ra

Book of Ra is a slot machine in the form of a one-armed bandit. But now a big fan group of Book of Ra in the virtual reality, where the entertainment gives a special feeling moves. Of course, the lovers of the classic and real version are still easily perform the roles of the machine turning in casinos and play halls. However, it is sufficient to test the games once in a professional online casino to convince his accomplishments. What is the virtual version of Book of Ra? Check it right!


Book of Ra How did it all begin?

Let's start from the beginning. The Book of Ra slot machine in real casinos appeared many years ago. The slot was featured by bonus winnings with extra winnings, making the game just sparkling. It was also interesting graphic of the simulator Book of Ra as an invitation to the game - the symbols do not show the well-known and frequently used fruits, sevens or stars. Book of Ra quickly gained popularity among the players and became one of the world's most popular machines with high recognition. The actual upheaval was accompanied by the development of the Internet, more closely, with the advent of the virtual games room in the 90s. Our machines Book of Ra, however, had to wait several years, again in an innovative online publication to develop its attractiveness! The first casino, where you try the classic Book of Ra, was the Casino Star Games. By the way, today the most popular place where you can find the "regular slot". Many times I have tried to understand the phenomenon of this simple game. Despite the possibility of access to a myriad of different game machines, no fan of casino games of joy can escape to play on the Book of Ra game machines. Perhaps it is only the curiosity that attracts so many players, or perhaps the players who want to try something "slot" first think of the name "Book of Ra". From my point of view, the secret of the popularity of Book of Ra is the long-standing tradition. In addition, some internet machines have a counterpart in the real world. Anyway, in this simple game is something extraordinary. Let us now look more closely.


The classic and the deluxe version - Book of Ra

In the online casino, there is the classic version of the game Book of Ra and the extended version of Book of Ra Deluxe. These versions are available in Flash. Unfortunately Book of Ra Download is not available Stargames. The new version has better graphics and ten (instead of nine) paylines. You do not see any big differences. The Book of Ra Online machine consists of five roles. For the players who do not know very well in the casino terminology - these are the moving parts of the machine, as it is called drums. On them are the symbols that make different arrangements during the game. In the Book of Ra symbols represent the pharaoh, the discoverer, the scarab, the scroll book, and various letters and numbers. An important component are those marked at the boundaries of the playing field on the right or left. Book of Ra has 9 paylines, Book of Ra deluxe online 10 lines. The number of lines you must choose before the game begins. Of course, the probability increases with each line of profit, as well as the use that must be set for each spin. This is in the focus of the construction of the machine Book of Ra.


Game - how you at?

Now for the description of the game itself. At the beginning you have to, as I said, choose the number of rows and use for each row. Pressing the "Start" key starts the game - the rollers of the machine begin to rotate. Automatically and present on the screen to stop a symbol arrangement. Of course, as with all one-armed bandits, the result depends only on luck. To win, 2,3,4 or 5 same symbols must be in a winning line. And the more identical symbols are displayed, the greater the profit. Before the start of the game, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the payout table in which the value of each symbols and agreements.


Premium round - 10 spins free with a chance for an extra profit!

Let's turn to the description of the bonus round. A special symbol in _Hotel of Ra is of course the book. It does not have the highest multiplier, but it is a so called. Scatter icon. This means that the book in the game can replace any other symbol (except the bonus symbol, which will be explained later). But these are not all the peculiarities of the book. If at least three "Book of Ra" symbols appear in the game, the players will have 10 examples, bonus rounds, which are replaced at the same time. First, a symbol is automatically solved, that is, the premium symbol. If at least two bonus symbols appear in a game, you are a lucky man. The entire role on which it was the lucky symbol is automatically filled with it. One can calculate that this is the best situation when the premium symbol is applied to each of the 5 reels easily. This means that you have to fill the whole screen with identical symbols - and gets a great profit!


Gamble option - so a chance to double the profit

The bonus round is not the only additional option for Desim game. The Gamble option is active after each winner of spin. If the player decides risk, he is redirected into a card game. The choice of red or black offers a 50% chance to double the profit. If the player types the color cards are right, he can go with the mino - and each time increase the profit.


Book of Ra - a classic worth to choose!

Now you can really ask all about Book of Ra slot machine and you can start the game. Firstly, you should decide whether you want to book of Ra Book of Ra for free or for money. On our website you can test free of charge Book of Ra. Another step is to register at Star Games, where each player has 6000 free stars and can continue the free Book of Ra game. For players who want to try their luck in the game with real money, I also have an important piece of information. In Stargames, everyone expecting their first deposit, a pleasant surprise. Before you start playing real money Book of Ra, you get a bonus of up to € 100. So the game is very exciting. More money in the account of the game is still better profit chances. Welcome to the game!

Book Of Ra Article 2

My life’s been hell lately. Just in the last year I lost my job, my girlfriend of over 4 years left me and I was evicted from my apartment. I managed to find a temp position at a local grocery store but life sucks.

 While my offline life is a living hell I managed to find some solace online. I've been an online gamer ever since I was a kid and in my teenage years used to spend a good 6-7 hours a day completely immersed in online games. However, just recently I discovered the world of online casino games and have been hooked since. One of the games that I cannot stop playing is the Book of Ra.

 This game is developed by Novoline Games, a 400 million euro company. They are the forerunners in the online casino game development. While they have other games under their belt, the Book of Ra is by far their most popular game. Because of its popularity they have also released follow up games i.e. the Book of Ra 2 and the Book of Ra 3 which have more challenging and exciting levels. Those of you who are not familiar with the name Ra; Ra is the Ancient Egyptian sun God and the game has a themed around Ancient Egyptian mythology. The main goal of the player is to find the lost book of RA. This is pretty similar to one of those adventure quest games, where the player is out seeking hidden treasure.

 The design and layout is Egyptian themed and makes use of tradition symbols like 10, J, Q, K and A and also Egyptian characters and hieroglyphics eg. Pharaoh, Cleopatra etc. Egyptian themed music is played in the background which increases the look and feel of the game thus making the game very attractive. The game is very addicting and the first time I laid my hands on it I played it for 10 hours straight.


 The Book of Ra is a slot machine game that allows you to earn big bucks without much effort. Most casinos games both in real life and online require the player to be extremely smart but this game does not. In order to win in this game one requires large ounces of luck. The game is a five reel multi- playline game.

 The player has a choice of 9 lines in the classic version but if the player upgrades to a deluxe version he gets up to 10 lines. The number of lines is not fixed and can be changed by the player at any time. Also, when it comes down to winning placing maximum lines bet like 9 or 10 increases your chances of winning. For every $2 bets you place you can win upto $10. Overall the game is a winner as it triggers all the right hot-spots. It’s attractive, easy to play and colorful. Its fun for both; a newbie like me and also for seasoned gamblers. So far I've won over a $100 and I know that if I keep it up I will earn much more.

 As for my personal preference I prefer the original game i.e. The Book of Ra over its successors as I feel that the game is more fluid and has better aesthetics (but that’s just my personal opinion)

Book Of Ra Article 1

Today, casino style modern day gaming is essentially prevailing throughout the world and the trend of people visiting casinos and other gaming locales has been rising exponentially.

 People are looking for entertainment experience and having a fun night out in different social atmosphere. Gaming has also been incidental for people visiting outdoors for business trips, trade shows or even for vacations. It is observed as an excellent source of relaxation.

 Whether people prefer conventional style spinning reels or video pokers or video reel slots, or even video reel slots; players look for variety as well as challenges in games. As it is a known fact that the tremendous popularity of slot games is undeniable.

 One of such popular slot games existing in the market is Book of Ra slot game which is definitely comes to u as a total entertainment package. Without any doubt, it is a very popular casino game which is beloved intensely. In order to play the game, players are required to collect as much cash as they can.

 Players also get opportunity to collect the points in the game. In order to start with the game, player is required to click Start and subsequently can make selection of bets like Bet One or Bet Max.

 By pressing keys from 1 to 9, players can select lines and in order to collect the win, players select Collect or Start.

Typically, the game is based on a theme of mythical Egyptian having innovative features of free spinning.

 Also, there is a bonus feature which gets triggered only when a player gets three or more than three scatter symbols. And this expanding scatter feature of the game is typically found to be the most unique and exclusive feature. Players get given single symbol which becomes an extra scatter symbol, expands to cover other symbols as well on the reel.

 If players get good symbols somewhere may be up to 4 or 5, then they are being rewarded with huge payouts. Another most popular and certainly one of the best online casino games is the Book of Ra 2 which is the extended version of the Book of Ra game.

 Players for playing this game are required to press the lever placed in the slot machine and get chances for winning cash as much as possible. Likewise of the previous game, Book of Ra 2 also facilitates gambling through betting and providing chances for earning more money. The third version of the game; Book of Ra 3 has also been now added in the list of famous online games which is also similar to the previously discusses version of the game.

 Gaming instructions are similar in both second and third versions; and merely few additions and improvements have been exploded to features and on-screen graphics and buttons of the slot machine. It has also been observed that situations arise when you find it annoying in going casinos and play the game, then you can also play Book of Ra online right though your personal computer screen. Indeed, in a quest for creating the optimum blend of video slot games; casino operators and game owners are making the gaming experience fresh for their distinguished players and eventually enhancing their gaming entertainment value.